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An elevated brick house with sandstone retaining walls covered in snow and ice.
A college dorm room

Auto Insurance, Renters Insurance & Discounts for Your College Student

Leaving for college is an exciting time for your child. Whether your child is moving out of state, moving out of your home or even living with you at home, college is a new chapter in his or her life. Being your agent, there are a few common…
Toy Insurance Olympia, WA
A wildfire burning on the side of the road

September is National Preparedness Month – Here is How It Relates to Your Insurance

FEMA, and are big voices in reminding Americans that September is National Preparedness Month. is a great resource for teaching you how to prepare for a natural disaster. What do they consider a disaster? Wildfires,…
Ask the expert: Landlord protection policies interview with Rachael Erben with her headshot next to a For Rent sign in front of a single family home.
Commercial Umbrella Insurance Olympia, WA
A close up photo of a hand holding keys in front of the home door

Four Tips For Current and Future Landlords

Whether you are looking to buy an investment property or are looking change your existing home into a rental property, there are some things you should know about becoming a landlord. Most people choose to become a landlord for the financial…
A photo of a kitchen being remodeled

Six Great Upgrades To Your Home & Why You Should Alert Your Agent

Many homeowners upgraded their homes in the last 18 months. Whether it was bringing a furry friend into your home, updating a kitchen or bathroom or adding additions like a swimming pool, trampoline or detached structures, these upgrades make…