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Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond

The State of Oregon Department of Transportation may require you to carry a surety bond when traveling through the state, in addition to your standard insurance requirements. If you are thinking of starting new trucking, hauling, or towing business, or expanding your existing business into or through Oregon, you’ll need a bond.

An Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond is a type of surety bond and is required by the Oregon Department of Transportation Motor Carrier Transportation Division. It is required for all transportation companies and verifies that the business is in compliance with Oregon rules, regulations, and taxes.

Although state compliance rules can be complicated, obtaining an Oregon Highway Use Tax Bond is a simple process and can be completed quickly and easily.

Our solution

It is more than just a tagline; we aim to take the surprise out of insurance. Keeping your business rolling should not be hard. We make it simple to stay in compliance.

Getting started is easy! Using our online portal, you can generate and confirm a highway tax use bond in minutes. Our system is fast and secure, with your privacy and safety in mind.

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In addition to our online portal, we are here for you! Contact Abby, our trucking specialist, and she will take care of it! Hit the link below to send her a direct email to get the process started.  She can help you through the entire process, plus find you a surety bond.

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